7 Mistakes in Home Building

Without doing your research, don’t make the biggest purchase of your entire life. You must take the time to research the local Home Builders before you build your dream home.

Do your research before you finalize your decision about who will build your dream home. There are many professionals in the industry. You may not have the same passion as other home builders.

“Home Builders with Passion”: Every town has a few Home Builders who are so passionate about their craft that each home they build is a “Work of Art”.

They are known for their attention to detail and constant learning about new ways of building real estate. Each home they own is a “Signature Piece” that reflects the company’s values.

You will instantly notice the charm and listening abilities of a “Home Builder with Passion” when you meet them. They’re very much like a great doctor. They will listen to you, the patient or both. They will ask many questions that will assist them in diagnosing or determining your needs.

Once they have a good understanding of your needs and wants… Hang On. You will be amazed at the presentation they make of their ideas and potentials. To see their past projects and their dramatic ideas firsthand, you will be taken on a tour.

You will be inspired by their passion for building homes and the desire to make them better each time. They will show you that they are much more than a Home Builder. You will see their passion for the Home Building Profession and the pride they take in their homes. The hard part is finding a “Home Builder with Passion”.

You will need to do your research in order to find the “Home Builder with Passion”. Ask for referrals from your friends, subcontractors, interior designers, architects, and anyone else who has built recently.

You can find information in the Yellow Pages about Home Builders. You can also look at the real estate ads for New Real Estate Developments or New Home Construction. Next, take a drive in your car. You can drive to these developments and subdivisions.

Imagine yourself as a judge in a Parade of Homes. Visually appealing homes have something that is distinctive. Look for clues in Unique Design or Architecture. The importance of “Staggered Visual Lines” is one of the secrets to great curb appeal in a new house. Without adding another dimension to them, square boxes don’t make a visual impact. Our eyes and emotions love to see curves, angles and texture.

Note down the style you like and why. Notify each builder. Talk to workers if you see them on the jobsite. What do they consider a Home Builder with Passion? They are open to sharing their opinions. Bring some snacks or donuts along to be “Out of the Box”. Dozens of donuts are a great way to get some goodwill and start conversations about Home Builders in your local area. Notice – Pick a time that they are not eating or on break.