Essential Feature Of Mobile Web Design

The future is here – literally. The days of being able to receive the internet from a reception are gone. Everybody has access to the internet at all times, from smartphones to Wi-Fi. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a restaurant or at the landing field; the internet can be accessed from anywhere.

Website Design Companies are increasingly focusing on the mobile version of their web sites, as opposed to the desktop. Sometimes, the desktop version of the website can be viewed on a phone. However, this often results in less than ideal expertise.

Web design companies in India should make sure that the mobile version of their website is designed well. Why? Because victimization of the same style on all devices does not result in the best user experience.
Choose a responsive web design
Either you can choose a separate design for your mobile website or hire Indian web developers to create a responsive design for you. The responsive style adjusts to the screen size and eliminates the need for separate mobile websites.

1. Rapid loading speeds
Mobile sites are often slower than desktop sites, but mobile sites are more difficult to manage. When designing a mobile website, it is important to ensure that it loads as fast as possible. A web site should load in no more than 3 seconds. No matter what device the user is accessing the site, it should load quickly and smoothly.

2. Flexible Images
A phone’s screen is smaller than a computer’s, so you should offer the option of zooming in or expanding pictures to make it easier to read. They won’t buy if they cannot see the product image clearly.

3. Legible Text
It is difficult to read on a phone screen. You need to ensure that all text is large and easily readable. Choose dark text with a light background, not vice versa.

4. Contact information is easy to find
Contact information is the first thing guests look for when they return to your website. While you can integrate contact forms on a desktop site, it is not possible to do so on a mobile site. You will need to have clickable contact information. Although it may be Associate in Nursing email address, or live chat option, certify visitors don’t have to spend time searching for your contact information.

5. Social Media Integration
Each desktop website has social media buttons integrated. It should be the same for mobile websites. After integration social media buttons for sharing, make sure that they square measure easy to find by visitors.
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