How to Find a Local Garage First for Auto Repairs

Everybody wants to find a garage that is honest, reliable, and offers value for their money. How do you find one in your area? It’s possible with these four simple steps. This will reduce the chance of you getting the wrong car or one that is going to cost you too much. The first step to avoid making mistakes is to ask for recommendations from others who have driven a similar car model and make.

Step 1: How to get your auto repairs recommendations

You drive around in a car that is not owned or driven by many people. How do you get personal recommendations? It’s now much easier. You can simply email, text or call your friends, family members, and colleagues to see if anyone knows of someone who has a car similar to yours. You can also give them your details and say that you are searching for reliable garages to service your car or do repairs in your local area. Ask your friends if they don’t know anyone. You may be able to help them find someone. You are only 6 people away from the person that you wish to speak or contact. It’s worth it. It works. The results will amaze you. Next, we’ll move on to the next step.

Step 2: Now you have a list of potential garages that you can use for your auto repair needs.

What questions should you ask people who recommend a garage for auto repairs? These are just a few to get you started.

1. What are they most fond of about auto repairs? Find out why.

2. What length of time have they used the garage to service their cars and do they still need repairs?

3. What repairs did they do to their car last? Are there any other repairs that they have had done on their car?

4. How was the service? Do you have any feedback? What was your experience with the car being returned? How clean was it?

5. Did it get repaired the same day as it was booked? Are auto repairs often over-priced?

6. Did they know about any additional auto repairs that were required before the actual work was done? Was the garage able to give them a price quote and, more importantly, did they stick to it?

7. Did the invoice include a breakdown of the auto repairs, including the parts that were replaced? Did they know about any nasty surprises hidden in the bill?

8. Was the auto garage able to stamp the service book? Were there any other issues?

9. How did they book their car? Did they have to wait for a while before booking their car?

10. Was the garage clean, tidy, and well-maintained? How was the attitude of the staff? How polite were they?

11. Are they able to return to the garage and have their auto repairs checked again?

Step 3 – Next, check out the auto repair / garages you have on your shortlist

Now you have a list of potential garages that can handle your most urgent auto repair needs. Now you need to vet each one. Call the auto repair shop and get a quote for your car’s make and model.

1. How long did you wait on the phone to get a call answered?

2. Did they give specific details about what was included and what wasn’t in the service?

Most cases, the manner in which the reception staff operate and interact with the public (i.e. Customer care is an indicator of the way that auto repairs are being done. The person might be having a bad day. Even if they are having a bad day, they should still be professional and try their best when dealing directly with the public.

You will need to make a quick trip to the auto repair shop after a few days. You should not go to the auto repair shop until the early hours of the morning if you want to check on the efficiency of the repairs during rush hour. You can simply go to the reception and ask for a quote for the servicing of the car. Please give them details about your car. Now is your chance to ask them any questions that you might still have.

How long can you expect to be covered if any work is done on your vehicle. To get the full details, it is best to see a real example. This ensures that there is no confusion.

Ask them about the services they offer and what isn’t. This will allow you to compare it with what was spoken on the phone. Do they have any differences? Ask them why they are different.

Once the car has been serviced, find out where it will be taken. Your car should be kept safe and parked in a well-lit area. You don’t want your car to be parked on a narrow side street that makes it difficult for cars to pass.

Ask them about their experience working in auto repair. Lead them along and ask how they respond to your comment that “It seems like a very friendly environment etc.” Ask them how long they have been there. Ask them what training they received in the most recent time.

After you’re done with the reception, take a look around.

1. Pay attention to how the messages are received by telephone. Do you think it is done in a systematic way or ad hoc on paper?

2. Are all paperwork and documentation organized for each vehicle?

3. Are the notice boards clean and current?