Steps To Prepare Yourself For Your First Driving Lesson

It’s finally here! You’ve done your research. You’ve found the instructor. Your outfit is planned. But you’re now ready to drive for the first time. Although it is an exciting milestone, your first lesson with an instructor can also be very nerve-racking.

Searching for driving lesson near you would helpful. If you’re comfortable with the lessons and feel confident about the next step, you’ll be able to learn much faster.

These are 7 steps from to ensure that your first driving lesson goes smoothly.

Before taking your first driving lesson

Your driving lesson prep:


Don’t drink the night prior

Get some breakfast

Double-check your location and the time you’re being picked.

What should you bring to your driving lessons:

Shoes that are comfortable and non-slip

You may need glasses if driving is your primary concern.

If you haven’t paid upfront, your cash for the lesson

A bottle of water

Keep in mind your provisional licensure

Your first driving lesson

You should be ready to go and not scrambling at the last moment. It’s both your time and your money that will be wasted if you are late. Some instructors will ring the bell, while others will wait in your car.

It’s okay to not immediately get into the driving seat. Your instructor will take you to a quiet area to help you learn the basics.

The cockpit drilling

Once you arrive on a quiet, low-traffic road, your instructor will instruct you to switch seats so that you can drive. That is a wonderful feeling!

To help you understand the cockpit drill, your instructor will show you. Soon you will be doing these checks instinctively.

The cockpit drill

Do you want your doors to be securely shut?

Seat in a comfortable position?

Steering position established?

Put your seatbelt on!

How can mirrors be adjusted?

The controls

Next you will learn how to use your handbrake, indicator, and clutch. Although you won’t expect to know everything about gear-changing right away, don’t let that stop you from trying.

Ask for help if you need to go over the controls again before setting off. Before you drive along at 20 mph it feels like you are going to 120, you will need to make sure that you have a firm grasp on the controls. Your instructor will guide you through the process and be available to help you if necessary.

It is best to take 2 hours for your first lesson. This gives you time to practice your driving skills and learn the controls. When you are done, you will be wondering where all the time went.

Driving lessons

Now it’s time to start the engine. Your instructor will show you the basics of starting the engine before you do.

Here’s what you’ll probably learn in your first lesson.

Moving on: getting ready for your gears

Clutch control also includes the ability to find the biting tip

Make sure to check your mirrors and blind spots

Use your indicator to signal

Changing gear

Stopping the car and covering the brakes as well as the clutch


Curb-side parking

While it will seem overwhelming at first, once you are comfortable with the material, relax. Remember that each instructor has their own set if controls, so you can learn without feeling overwhelmed. Do not hesitate to get on the road and experience “proper” driving. It won’t be hard!

After your first driving lesson

Once your lesson is done, your instructor will send you home. Do not forget to talk about the lesson. You can also tell your instructor what you feel you need more of next time.

Many driving instructors offer discounts to block bookings. So check with your instructor to see if you are able to book the same slot for multiple weeks. You should aim to take 2 or 3 lessons per week, but don’t rush. You learn at your own pace, so be prepared to take your driving test. To find out how long it takes to get to your driving test.

If you are still nervous, consider the friend or relative who can drive a car. It won’t be difficult if they do it. Keep asking questions too. Asking questions is a good idea. Your instructor will expect you have lots of questions.

Learn Outside of driving lessons

That’s it for the first lesson. It’s important to continue the momentum.

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