5 Most Common Reasons for Blocked Drains

  1. Blocked Drains from Hair

This is what we have all witnessed before: a buildup of hair that has started to block your drain. Although it is usually fairly easy to remove hair’ it can be a difficult task if it isn’t done immediately.

Blocked drains are most commonly caused by hair falling off your body, either in the shower or as you get ready to use the bathroom. Although it is a common problem, there are many ways to fix the drain and create a long-term solution.

How do you fix blocked drains from hair?

What can you do? You can remove small amounts of hair with your hands. This will prevent it from becoming worse. You can also purchase drain cleaning tools such as drain spiders to remove hair from the drain. You should be cautious as cheap hair removal chemicals and devices can only make things worse.

It’s crucial to get rid of any hair that has become stuck in the drain pipes. You should remove the hair immediately if you are unable to reach it or the devices don’t work as they should.

  1. Blocked Drains from Plants and Dirt

Water drains can be clogged by natural debris such as leaves, dirt, trees, shrubs, and dirt. This is especially true after spring and autumn. It is important to maintain a beautiful garden and keep it aesthetically pleasing for water drains.

But leaves aren’t all that is to blame. the root is well-known for growing beneath the surface in search of water. This can lead to them heading straight to your drains.

How To Fix Blockages in Drains from Dirt and Plants

What to Do: To keep plants, leaves, and dirt from blocking drains, clear out the outdoor space of all debris and leaves. If the debris is not removed quickly enough, your drains can become very blocked.

You should water your trees regularly to reduce their attraction to the drains for moisture.

It is important to maintain a clean yard and keep dirt from building up. But sometimes, the real problems lie beneath the surface. Tree roots can damage your drain pipes and cause leaks. A specialist drain cleaning machine can be used to remove the blockage. Pipe relining technology is also available for long-term structural repair.

  1. Blocked Drains from Grease Build-up

Over time, grease and fat can build up in your kitchen sink. These fatty substances, which can cause blockages in pipes and drains, are quite common and can be frustrating to remove.

Any grease or other fatty substance will stick to the pipes. It can eventually block the flow of liquids. You should be aware that grease does not drain from the pipes as easily and as fast as you would think.

How do you fix a blocked drain from grease build-up?

What to Do: Don’t flush these fatty substances down the drain. Grease will harden in pipes if it’s not washed down the drain.

Start collecting all glass jars purchased at the supermarket to avoid grease build-up. You can then dispose of the oil and grease in small plastic or glass containers.

  1. Blocked Drains from Toiletries

Toiletries are becoming more common and more difficult to dispose of down the drain. Toilet paper and baby wipes are two common items that can block drains.

How do you fix blocked drains in toiletries?

What to do? This is an unacceptable way to dispose of toiletries. It’s also harmful to the environment. People should be encouraged not to dispose of toiletries in this way. These items should not be left in your home.

If the situation is not resolved, call a qualified plumber and have the blockage cleared – but ensure it doesn’t happen again.

  1. Floodwaters can block drains

Due to heavy rains, drains can experience flooding during the wet seasons. Many Perth homes can experience water buildup because drains don’t have the right design to handle this weather.

If there’s an excess of rainwater in downpipes and gutters, there’s likely something blocking them.

How can you fix blocked drains caused by heavy rain and storms?

What should be done? Keep your gutters clean during rainy seasons to avoid a buildup of leaves that can cause a more serious blockage. If you have problems caused by heavy rain or storms, a plumber is required to assist you with unclogging your gutters and wastewater removal.

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