Do You Need To Wear Your Bra To Bed?

It is, in fact, one of the oldest and most frequently asked questions in the book. The information you received from your mum when you were young will determine how you answer this question. Your Mum might have told you that sleeping in a bra would cause you to have saggy boobs later on in your life. Is there a real answer or are these fabricated rumors?

Bedtime Bra Busting

Before we dive into the pros and cons of each, let’s take a look at what happens when you go to sleep. After you’ve done your night-time system, you probably lie down. Although this assumption is only a guess, we will assume that you don’t lie down while sleeping. Gravitation’s pull on your body changes when you lie down and go to bed. Although everything is still being pulled downward (because that’s how gravity works), it’s now being pulled in the opposite direction, towards your feet. Bras are made to support your breasts, so wearing one at night won’t prevent sagging. Even if your books are large and heavy, gravity works for you when you lie down.

Pros Of Wearing A Bra To Bed

Post-Surgery Support: For those who have had surgery recently (not just breast surgery) a bra to sleep can help relieve strain. It can speed up the healing process by keeping everything in one place. You can even find bras made specifically for this purpose.

Back Pain Relief: If you have back pain, especially upper back pain then wearing a bra to sleep could be helpful. Women with larger breasts may have a problem because their backs are not strong enough to support the weight. They might find that their breasts, back, and sides become sore at night if they don’t wear a bra.

Comfort: For some women, it’s all about comfort. They are more comfortable with their skin covered, prefer to not have to feel saggy, and don’t like the idea that they will be able to move around all night (actual quote from pro-bra-to bed lady). If it is comfortable for you, go ahead!

Cons of Wearing a Bra to Bed

Your breasts, chest, and shoulders are all subject to pressure from your bra during the day. This is in addition to supporting your breast weight. A bra too small is worn by 80% of women. This means that blood flow to these areas of the body may be restricted. You can’t allow your body to reset and breathe if you continue to wear a bra at night.

You could be in danger of injury depending on which bra you are wearing. You are at risk of injury from underwires, snapping straps, and digging clasps. This is especially true if your body is dead weight when you sleep. Even if you don’t wake up, this can cause some discomfort and you may experience some disturbed sleep. An underwired bra can also restrict lymph drainage and prevent the elimination of toxins. Wear a non-wired bra, and ensure it fits. Elle Courbee has excellent guides that can help you find the correct plus size bra.

What if I don’t wear one?

So what if you’re in the not-wearing-a-bra-to-bed camp? It’s not really that important! If you have had a procedure, or are told by a doctor to wear a bra to bed, there are no real benefits. You don’t need to wear a bra to bed if you don’t want to.