Here Are Some Things To Consider Before You Buy Commercial Floor Mats

A good first impression is essential for commercial businesses. A dingy, dirty entranceway to a business location is not something that any potential client, client, or business associate would like to see. Carpet mats and the right entrance will make a great first impression and keep these spaces clean.

One of the most important things to remember when shopping for commercial flooring mats is the variety of options available. Understanding the terminology associated with floor mats will help you choose the right type of mat for your business.

All floormats have been designed to create a safe environment for staff and visitors. However, they all serve different purposes so make sure you choose the one that is right for you. Below are the most popular types of floor mats.

Entrance mats

There are two main types of entrance mats: the wiper and scraper mats. The scraper mats are placed outside the entranceway and are used to remove most dirt and debris from shoes. They also absorb the most moisture so that the person can go inside. These mats are strong enough to withstand the harsh environment. They also provide protection for your visitors. The wiper mats are placed in the entranceway to absorb moisture and pick up any debris that the scraper mats have left behind.

Protect your employees with mats

Floor mats can be designed to protect employees. These include the anti-fatigue and ergonomic mats. They are designed to support the worker and reduce the strain on the body from prolonged standing. These mats allow for some movement, which helps to reduce fatigue, pain, and injuries.

Anti-static mats reduce static electricity buildup in the body. This protects workers from static shock and prevents static electricity from damaging sensitive equipment. Non-conductive floor mats offer insulation that protects employees from severe shocks while working with high voltage equipment.

These mats are used in restaurants and cafeterias to prevent slips and falls. These mats are made of rubber and have grease resistance capabilities. These mats reduce accidents and provide more comfort.

Specialty mats

Commercial floor mats fall under the specialty category. These include mats for chairs, locker rooms, and gyms. Other specialty mats include contamination control mats, message floor mats, and eco-friendly mats. There are many options to choose from for each category. You can see that gym mats come in different sizes. Some are designed for heavy-duty weight rooms, while others are made for high-impact aerobics clients.

Why do commercial spaces need floor mats?

How can floor mats help clean up a messy entry? There are three reasons.

  • Cleanliness
  • Floor protection
  • Identification

It is not the best way to impress people. High-quality entry mats, wall-to-wall vestibule tile tiles, and high-quality doormats make entrances and surrounding areas look great in every season. These tiles are made to remove debris from the floor while people are walking on them.

Commercial floor mats and vestibule tile are also great for protecting your floors. Regular foot traffic can cause permanent scratches and scrapes to your floors from rocks salt and other substances. Floor mats can withstand a lot of abuse so your floors won’t need to. This will save you money on replacing your floors or living with the damage.

You can also use custom logo rugs to welcome people into your building. Logo rugs can be used to add professionalism to your entrances. You can personalize these mats with your own messages. This will allow you to be creative and keep your floors safe and clean.