10 Things You Must Do Before Your Moving Company Arrives

There are several ways that you can assist movers to ensure a seamless move before the big day. To make moving easier and save money, have all your belongings ready and in place.

You can follow our tips to find 10 things to do before your Removalists arrive.

  1. Take The Time To Thoroughly Clean Your Home And Get Rid Of All Unwelcome Junk

Moving furniture you do not want your furniture movers transporting is easier and faster. Your removalists will be more specific about what you need to transport to your new home. This may help you save some money.

  1. Do Not Assemble What You Cannot

It is a good idea to disassemble as much furniture and appliances as you can so that your¬†removalist Sydney¬†doesn’t have to do it all. Although we can help you disassemble the furniture and have it ready for transportation upon arrival at your destination in Sydney, additional time can be saved if the items are not too large.

  1. Clear Out The Refrigerator And Keep Perishable Food In An Envelope

It is better to empty your fridge before you move. This reduces the chance of items breaking or falling. For quick grabs and energy-boosting foods such as cheeses and bread, water bottles, and chopped and snackable vegetables, you can keep them in your fridge.

  1. Tape Down Appliances & Cabinet Doors

Your belongings will not knock over or damage any other items. You can still use no strip tape to secure your fridge doors, TV unit cabinets, and drawers.

  1. Ask The Kiddies To Help With “Special” Tasks

Young children are always eager to help adults with their tasks. Entrusting small tasks to them will keep them busy, and give them a sense of accomplishment. Small children can help with things like packing favorite toys and transporting soft items, such as pillows or bed linens, to their chosen mode of transportation. It helps to assign them the task of setting up their new bedroom when they arrive.

  1. Connect Your Utilities To Your New Home

Make sure that all utilities are connected before you move into your new house. Also, arrange for your old house to be disconnected. This is the best time to relax and set up power, water, internet, and other utilities on the day you move into your new home.

  1. Please Share Important Information

Have all communication channels been set up for the big event? You should let your removalists be aware of any possible obstacles to your home’s entry and exit, and any other access issues that may arise in your new home. You should confirm all access with your realty, notify your neighbors that your move is imminent, and if there are any restrictions to your driveways or footpaths, you must reserve the parking space for your removalist truck.

  1. Get A “First Night Box”

Avoid digging through boxes for the items you may need during your first night in your new house. Stock up on all your essentials by labeling a Moving Box with water bottles, blankets, and energy bars.

  1. Locate Your Destination Of Choice

The shortest route to your destination should be chosen. This should account for traffic. You should avoid tolls whenever possible. Also, note any road infrastructure and live accidents which could delay your move.

  1. Make Sure To Keep Important Documents Safe

You should compile and store information such as passports, birth certificates, and other documents during your move. You can transport these documents yourself, rather than letting movers take them.

Do you have other important points? Are there any other points you’d like to add to make sure others move smoothly? We are a trusted Removalist Sydney. Get in touch with the team at Intimeremovalist to make your move easy.