Are you thinking of using 100ml plastic bottle sizes for your travel essentials?

Plastic Bottle 100Ml


There is a versatile use of a plastic bottle 100ml that offers a convenient travel option. These bottles are convenient for packing product samples and storing small amounts of liquids and solid products while you are on the move. The 100ml containers are most of the time referred to as an ideal fit for your handbags, glove boxes, or any small storage area.

It is suitable for general consumers, and even specialist product manufacturers can use it to store products and dispense containers. The plastic bottles 100ml also comply with airport rules, and they can contain an ideal quantity of all your required items. It will help you to avoid extra weight packing. So, let’s take a look at how to use the 100ml plastic bottles to their full potential for samples and travel needs.

Organise your toiletries and skincare routines

Using a 100ml plastic bottle will make organising your products easier while travelling in your suitcase. Moreover, it will ensure you have all your essentials on hand. The plastic bottle manufacturer in Australia avails different sizes, shapes, and necks of 100ml containers. You can simply fill in these bottles when it comes to packing your toiletries like shampoo, lotion, body wash, etc. It is ideal for making any short trip without covering too much space.

Even hotel and spa facilities can benefit from using these small containers to provide their clients with sample products and complimentary items. Sustainable packaging like HDPE and PET plastics are food and sanitary-certified materials that the FDA approves. So, even restaurants can use these small containers for keeping their small items.

Skincare products are expensive. So, you don’t want to spill or waste them. Hence, the plastic bottle 100ml offers to make personalisation to use their skincare products. Whether it is a moisturiser, serum, cleanser, or toner, you can store them all in various 100ml containers. It will help you always be consistent with your skincare regimen and prevent any risk of spills or leaks while you enjoy your mess-free trip.

Easily transport all your medications

Travelling for a trip means you must take your medications with you to keep yourself strong and optimised. You can find a customised plastic bottle manufacturer in Australia for 100ml containers to make it easier and more secure to transport your essential liquid medication and enough doses of pills. There is no need to carry heavy grass or aluminium containers with full doses on your trip. There would be no risk of damaging the containers and medications.

All your medicinal items will be well-organised and readily accessible whenever you need them. Additionally, you can label each bottle of the medication to not cause any confusion. The plastic bottles can be made of clear materials to ensure you are using the right medication for further safety. Now zig all the medication bottles in a clear plastic bag to get on with your travel.

The 100ml plastic bottle can be your sustainable travel choice

Choosing a plastic bottle 100ml size is practical for travelling and sustainable for the environment. You can reuse them many times when the bottles are made of multiple recycling plastic materials like PET. It will minimise single-use plastic waste and promote sustainable travel. Consumers can just refill their 100ml bottles and further reduce disposable items.

Final words:

Using 100ml plastic bottles for your travel essentials can help you efficiently. You can ensure you have all your personal care products and medications for the trip and reduce carrying too much weight. It makes it easier to pack and unpack your toiletries as all the bottles are of the same size and bring more possibilities to try things if you are a savvy traveller.

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