Betting Apps Australia – How Deposit Bonuses Can Grow Your Bankroll


There are legal limitations that prevent you from placing bets online in Australia. As such, esports betting apps must be licensed by state or territory governments. But that’s not the end of the story. There are ways to get extra money without having to use your credit card. One such way is to use a betting app that has deposit bonuses KRUZEY | betting apps.

Live streaming is a great addition to betting apps

Betting apps Australia have recently added live streaming to their features, making it easy for bettors to follow along on the game as it unfolds. Live streaming is an excellent addition for sports betting, and Australians can now bet on many sporting events on the go. There are many betting agencies offering live streaming services, including bet365, which has a massive range of sports. Other betting agencies, such as Sportsbet, have partnered with Sky Racing to stream live Australian horse racing.

Betting apps Australia have the added benefit of cross-platform compatibility. While some users may have a preference for one app over another, most users won’t limit their betting habits to one app. It’s also important to have the option to track your statistics, which can be handy when you lose or have low connectivity.

Deposit bonuses are a good way to get extra money

Deposit bonuses can grow your bankroll. They give you a portion of your deposit to bet with. However, if you don’t like a site, you should withdraw some of it and leave the rest. This way, you can get your money back and continue betting.

Australian esports betting apps must be licensed by a state or territory government

In order for Australians to place wagers on esports, bookmakers must be licensed by the state or territory government. This law protects esports enthusiasts and ensures that Australian bookmakers operate within the law. The Interactive Gambling Act requires bookmakers to get a license. However, despite the laws, Australian bookmakers are not immune to legal problems. Luckily, there are ways to resolve these issues.

Online bookmakers in Australia must be licensed by the state or territory government before betting is allowed in their jurisdiction. Moreover, they must provide Australian punters with safe and fair betting experiences. For example, the Northern Territory has a licensing rule that requires online bookmakers to meet certain standards and adhere to certain laws.

Apps should be downloaded from the official app store. Apple only allows licensed esports betting apps. It’s illegal to download esports betting apps from offshore bookies.