Easy Side Hustles for Broke 20-Year-Olds


Life at 20 is a whirlwind of possibilities and opportunities. While juggling studies, work, and social life, why not add a touch of entrepreneurship into the mix? Contrary to popular belief, starting a side hustle doesn’t require a fat wallet. In fact, there’s a treasure trove of exhilarating side hustles that any money-hungry 20-year-old can embark upon.

The internet is filled with endless side hustle creators telling you to make one million a month for the course they are selling that only costs $5. Whilst it sounds tempting, it is usually a facade. The most successful side hustles derive from businesses that genuinely interest you. With the element of motivation and interest, your side hustle will not feel like work, whilst also offering you a nice return!

Let’s dive into the world of creative income streams that demand nothing more than your passion, dedication, and a sprinkle of hustle!

Virtual Thrift Shop Curation: Vintage Vibes, Modern Profits

Unleash your inner fashionista by scouring thrift stores and flea markets for unique, vintage finds. Turn your curated collection into a virtual thrift shop on platforms like Instagram, Vinted or Depop. Vintage fashion items are well sought after pieces today, and making the effort to find the goods that others do not have the time to scour for makes you a go-to seller. Showcasing your stylish treasures, you’ll not only make a profit but also contribute to sustainable fashion trends.

Street Food Star: Culinary Adventures on a Budget

Got a secret recipe for the best tacos in town or the fluffiest vegan pancakes? Set up a street food stall at local markets or events. With a little creativity and some DIY marketing, you’ll be dishing out culinary delights that tantalise taste buds and fill your pockets. Whilst you may need a small investment to get your ingredients, you will quickly see returns serving your culinary masterpieces to the local communities. Who knows, you might quickly scale and open up your own restaurant!

Adventure Photography: Capturing Moments, Collecting Coins

If your Instagram feed is a collection of breathtaking landscapes and candid shots, put your photography skills to work. Offer outdoor photoshoots, capturing memories for couples, families, or fellow adventurers all for an affordable price. Ask friends and family who perhaps have a camera that is not in use if you can use it whilst you save for your own. Also, with so much emphasis on creating content for influencers, you might consider doing influencer photo shoots for when they are lost for friends to take photos of them. As your portfolio blossoms, so will your clientele and profits.

Language Teaching: Blending Cultures, Building Income

Are you fluent in more than one language? You should be leveraging your linguist talents to teach others how to perfect the language that you speak. With so much technological advancements, you can even do this over video call in the comfort of your own home. There are many online platforms designed to facilitate this, so get looking and see where your language can add value to others!

Fitness Plans: Sweating It Out While Cashing In

If fitness is your passion and you are experienced in achieving results, share your workout routines and health tips on social media. Offer personalised fitness plans for individuals or conduct outdoor group workouts. Create your own coaching business, and build a community of like minded people to all work together to achieve their fitness goals. Helping others achieve their fitness goals will pump up your bank account too with training starting from $30 an hour on average!

Social Media Consultancy: Managing High-Followed Influencers

Do you have experience navigating social media and creating compelling content? There are hundreds of influencers and brands looking for direction and guidance as to how they can scale and grow their online presence. Consider being a consultation for their social media strategy, and work with third parties such as design agencies in Leeds to perfect each client’s image. Create the visuals, and schedule posts on their behalf for large payments! Time is money, so why not use your extra time to make good cash flow?

Event DJ: Spinning Tracks, Turning Profits

If you have a talent for curating playlists that keep the dance floor alive, consider becoming an event DJ. Provide the tunes for weddings, parties, and local gatherings with your music, and watch as your reputation—and income—hit an all-time high.

Now you have some food for thought as to what side hustles you can start, take a look at the following suggestions for staying consistent and maintaining your own personal brand:

  • Passion Ignites Success: Choose a side hustle that resonates with your passions. When you love what you do, the energy you bring to the table is infectious.
  • Hustle, Hustle, Hustle: Building a side hustle from scratch requires dedication. Be prepared to put in extra hours and push through challenges.
  • Network Like a Pro: Connect with like-minded individuals, potential customers, and mentors. Networking can open doors to collaborations and growth.
  • Embrace Technology: Leverage social media, online platforms, and free digital tools to market your hustle. The digital world is your playground—take advantage of it.
  • Adapt and Innovate: Stay open to evolving your side hustle. Listen to customer feedback and be ready to pivot if needed.

Bottom Line

To conclude, starting a side hustle requires more than just a desire to make extra money. It requires a large time and energy contribution if you do not have the cash to spare. Getting a side hustle ready in your early twenties could help you save money for retirement! As you venture into the world of side hustles, remember that success is a blend of creativity, determination, and a pinch of hustle. Take the plunge into multiple streams of income, chase your dreams, and watch as your side hustle transforms into a captivating success story that inspires others to follow suit.