Shared Plate Catering – A Casual & Fun Dining Experience For Any Event


Sharing plates has become a popular trend in recent years, especially for social events. The idea of sharing plates is simple: a selection of dishes is brought to the table and shared among the guests, rather than individual plates. The best catering Sydney company lists the benefits of shared plates for social events.

Shared plate catering has many benefits including:

Promotes Socialising

Shared plates promote socialising and interaction among guests. It encourages people to pass food around, start conversations, and create a more communal atmosphere. It also eliminates the formality of individual plates and makes the event feel more relaxed.

Offers More Variety

Shared plates allow guests to try a wider variety of dishes than if they were served individual plates. It’s an excellent way to showcase different types of food and flavours, especially if the event has guests with different tastes and preferences.

Reduces Waste

Serving shared plates can help to reduce food waste, as guests are more likely to take only what they want and leave the rest. This can be especially useful for events where there is a large amount of food and leftovers are not desired.

Enhances Presentation

Shared plates can be arranged in a visually appealing way, enhancing the overall presentation of the food. It creates a centrepiece for the table and can be a great conversation starter.

Allows for Customisation

Shared food catering Sydney allows guests to customise their own plates, adding or subtracting elements to suit their preferences. This is especially useful for guests with dietary restrictions or food allergies, as they can choose what they want to eat without feeling like they’re imposing on the host.

Encourages Experimentation

Shared plates encourage guests to try new dishes that they may not have considered trying if they were served individually. It can lead to guests discovering new flavours and cuisines, and expanding their palate.

Facilitates Ordering

Shared plates can facilitate ordering for the host or event planner. It allows for a more streamlined ordering process, as fewer dishes need to be ordered, prepared, and served. This can save time and money, especially for larger events.


Shared plates can be a more cost-effective catering option compared to individual plates. It allows for larger quantities of food to be ordered and served, without the need for expensive, individual plates and utensils.

Offers a More Casual Atmosphere

Shared plates can help to create a more casual atmosphere for the event. It eliminates the formality of individual plates and can make guests feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Provides an Interactive Experience

Shared plates provide an interactive experience for guests, as they pass plates around and discuss the food. It can be a great way to break the ice and get guests to start socialising.

So, next time you’re planning a social event, consider serving shared plates to make it a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests. Talk to one of the best catering companies Sydney today!