The Best 1980s-Inspired Fashion Trends For This Summer


With the rise of 1980s nostalgia in the media with shows such as Stranger Things and Cobra Kai, 1980s fashion trends are dominating style this year. In the past few years, fashion inspired by the past has been very popular, with multiple different eras having their time in the limelight.

However, 1980s fashion trends are still very popular, and many of these trends will be must-have items all summer. Be on the lookout for these items if you want to turn heads with vintage chic style this season!

Chunky Jewellery

For many seasons, elegant and slimline jewellery has been the most popular accessory choice – however, this is all changing in 2023. Taking inspiration from 80s style icons like Madonna and Joan Collins, chunky, gold jewellery such as statement earrings and pendant necklaces are set to be huge trends this summer. If you want to add a bit of 1980s flair to your outfits, add some bold and gold jewellery over your outfits. Remember to match metals when you’re putting together an outfit – for example, you should make sure that your watch, jewellery and belt buckles all match. This will make your outfit look much more cohesive.

Oversized Suits

Are you a fan of the corporate girl look? Oversized blazers and suits are set to be one of the most popular 80s-inspired fashion trends this summer and were originally popularised by style giants like Grace Jones and David Bowie. This androgynous style staple is a fantastic way to up your style game without a lot of effort and is the perfect lazy way to look sleek and stylish. For extra fashion cred, pair an oversized suit with some chunky leather shoes, for the ultimate 80s look.

Straight Leg Jeans

Millennials and Gen Z have dominated social media lately, arguing about which style of jeans is better – ultra skinny or flared? However, you don’t have to pick a side, and instead, you can rock some straight-leg jeans (which aren’t too skinny, or too flared!) Investing in some blue, straight-leg jeans is one of the best ways you can add a bit of 1980s-inspired style to your wardrobe, and is a staple that will go with everything! One of the best ways you can wear blue straight-leg jeans is by pairing it with a white t-shirt, and an oversized leather jacket.

Sequin Chic

Bright, fun and eye-catching are all adjectives that can definitely be used to describe the 1980s, and nothing is more fun than sequins. Throughout the 80s, many celebrities had an iconic sequin moment, and they were very popular throughout the decade, especially when it comes to going-out outfits. In recent seasons, sequin dresses and tops have also become very popular as popstars such as Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are wearing them to their gigs quite often. You don’t need to look like a disco ball to enjoy your own iconic sequin moment, however. If sequin hotpants are too much for you, accent your outfits with a sequin clutch or with sequin detailing on your high heels. This is one of the best things you can wear if you’re going to a party!

Graphic Tees

If you’re someone who loves the 80s style casual look, you should look at getting some graphic T-shirts as well as some straight-leg jeans. Buying graphic tees with 80s bands and cartoons on them is a great way to subtly incorporate 80s style into your casual look, and is an effortless way to embody vintage chic. With graphic tees, you can wear them in multiple styles to suit you best – oversized, cropped or tight. Switching out different styles of graphic tee for different outfits is also a great way to diversify your wardrobe.

Double Your Denim

Although this was considered to be a major fashion faux pas for many years, just like the espadrille or the neon dress, it has come back in fashion. This was one of the biggest trends during the 80s, and it is set to be one of the best throwback trends originating in the 80s. If you want to look extra stylish this summer, go for a double denim jacket and skirt combo.

Large Sunglasses

Big sunglasses have been coming in and out of style for the past 80 years, however, sunglasses were at their largest during the 1980s. Throughout this period, clothing was loud and large, and accessories were no different. If you want to take a bit of inspiration from 80s style icons this summer, try on a pair of the largest sunglasses you can find. Top Tip: Make sure to find a frame shape that suits your face!

Corset Belts and Tops

Kim Kardashian has been a big factor in why belts and corset tops are massively popular again, however, they originally took off during the 1980s. Cyndi Lauper was one of the early adopters of this trend and has come in and out of style ever since. However, this summer they are definitely climbing their way back up to the top of the trends. Pairing a corset top with some acid-wash jeans, or putting a corset belt over a ruffle dress are two of the best ways you can style this trend this summer.

If you want to turn heads by sporting 80s vintage chic this summer, you should definitely add some of these items to your wardrobe. These classic outfit staples are a great way to subtly incorporate 80s-inspired trends into your everyday look!