5 Tips to Find Out Whether or Not a Wine is Truly Natural


Natural wine has gained popularity over the years due to its unique taste, health benefits, and environmentally friendly production methods. It is made from grapes grown without chemicals or pesticides, and the fermentation process is allowed to occur naturally without any additives. However, with the increasing demand for natural wine online, some producers have started labelling their products as “natural” even when they are not. This has led to confusion among wine enthusiasts, making it challenging to identify truly natural wines.

Tips to help you determine whether a wine is truly natural

Look for Organic Certification

Organic certification is a surefire way of identifying natural wines. Wines labelled as organic are produced using grapes that are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. Organic certification is granted by government-approved bodies that inspect the vineyards and wineries to ensure that they meet the organic standards. Therefore, when you buy natural wine online, look for wines that have organic certification.

Check for Sulphites

Sulphites are a common additive in winemaking, and they are added to wine to preserve it and prevent oxidation. However, natural wines are produced without the use of sulphites. If a wine is labelled as natural, it should not contain any added sulphites. Therefore, when shopping for natural wine online, check the label to see if it contains sulphites. Some natural wines may contain naturally occurring sulphites from fermentation, but these levels are usually low and not harmful to most people.

Research the Winemaker’s Philosophy

Natural winemaking is more than just a production method; it is a philosophy. Natural winemakers believe in working with nature rather than against it. They practice sustainable agriculture, use minimal intervention in the cellar, and rely on natural fermentation. So, read about the winemaker’s production methods, farming practices, and certifications. You can also look for reviews of the wine to see what others think of it.

Look for Unfiltered Wines

Unfiltered wines are another sign of natural winemaking. When filtered, wine is passed through a filter to remove impurities, such as yeast cells, grape skins, and stems. However, natural winemakers often choose to leave their wine unfiltered, and this allows the wine to retain its natural flavours and aromas.

Ask for Recommendations

If you are unsure whether a wine is natural or not, ask for recommendations from experts or other wine enthusiasts. You can ask your local wine shop or join online wine communities and forums. These communities are a great source of information and can provide you with recommendations for natural wines that you may not have heard of before

Wrapping Up

Finding truly natural wine can be a challenge, especially when shopping online. However, by following the above tips, you can increase your chances of finding natural wines that are authentic and delicious. So, go ahead and buy natural wine online with confidence and enjoy its unique flavours and health benefits.