What is the best conversion from Excel to PDF?


Whether you want to create a PDF file from your Excel workbook or you want to convert your Excel workbook to a PDF, it’s important to know what the best conversion tools are. The following list of PDF converters will help you choose the right tool for your needs.

Foxit PDF Editor

Creating a PDF from Excel is easier than you think. Foxit PDF Editor makes this possible. This PDF editor is a free program that makes it easy to convert any file into a PDF. You can also change the fonts, font size, and colour. This PDF editor works with any device.

Foxit is one of many PDF editors out there. You can save your document as a PDF, create a PDF from any file, merge different types of files into one, and convert a document from an HTML file. There is also a built-in image editing tool.

You need to set your conversion options to make the most of the Foxit PDF Editor. You can specify where the converted file is saved and how you want the filenames to be set. You can also change the character spacing, character scale, and font.

Nitro PDF Converter

With Nitro Pro, you can perform multiple conversions at the same time. For example, you can convert Excel to PDF, PDF to Word, or PDF to PowerPoint. You can also edit PDF files without losing formatting.

Nitro PDF also allows you to edit and extract images. You can also perform compression. For added security, the program features password protection and document version tracking. The program also includes a tool to apply electronic signatures to documents.

In addition, Nitro Pro includes several tools to help you organize your documents. You can search and locate a document quickly. It means that you can easily find and edit your documents later. You can also add or remove watermarks.

Nitro Pro is also compatible with Microsoft Office formats. It includes various tools that can help you organize and edit your PDFs. Nitro also offers an Outlook plugin that allows you to preview your PDF files while working in Outlook. You can also create PDFs directly from emails.

SwifDoo PDF

Whether you need to import PDF data into Excel or you want to edit and modify PDF files, SwifDoo PDF for Excel conversion can help. This software enables you to convert and edit PDFs in a streamlined and secure way. You can add text, images, watermarks, and arrows to your documents.

SwifDoo PDF for Excel conversion also features an OCR tool. You can use this to edit and copy text from your PDF. The OCR tool makes your PDF searchable and editable. It is also able to search images in your PDF.

You can also use SwifDoo PDF for Excel conversion to convert your PDF to images. You can convert PDFs into high-resolution images like PNG. You can also convert your PDFs to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.

SwifDoo PDF is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also comes with a free trial. You can try the program for 30 days before you purchase it. It is also available in the Spring Sale so you can save a few bucks on this useful tool.

Able2Extract Professional

Able2Extract allows you to edit pages, add images and text, and sign PDF documents with electronic signatures. You can also customize the security of your PDF files to protect confidential information. You can also password protect your PDF documents. Able2Extract is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Able2Extract has a few limitations, but it’s adequate for minor edits. It doesn’t have many merging and resizing functions, but it allows you to redact lines of text manually. You can add a user password or export the document to Word or another application.

Able2Extract Professional is a PDF conversion application that lets you manipulate and edit your PDF documents. It also allows you to create submittable PDF forms and produce native formats for OpenOffice and Microsoft Office applications. The application supports various formatting options, including form fields, text editing, and image editing. Able2Extract has improved OCR technology, and it also supports annotations.

CutePDF Writer

It can convert any file to PDF. It has a simple user interface and can be installed in seconds. The free version includes some of the most basic features, but you can upgrade to use more features. CutePDF Writer has a separate control panel. The interface is easy to use and works with all Windows programs. 

You can customize the appearance of your PDF documents. It has features to change the size and colour of the pages, add page breaks, change the page orientation, and resize the text. You can also modify the page borders. It can embed fonts in your PDF documents. It has a small memory footprint and supports files up to 300 MB.