How to Clean Your Airbnb Like a Pro?


As an Airbnb host, you know that providing a clean and tidy space is one of the most crucial things you can do to ensure a positive guest experience. But with all the other tasks on your plate, it can be difficult to make time for thorough Airbnb Cleaning in Sydney. Therefore, we have curated a 6-step guide with the best tips and strategies required to keep your Airbnb pristine without taking up too much of your time.

Let’s explore each of these steps in detail!

6-Step Guide To Cleaning Your Airbnb

Step 1 – Sanitisation

You can start cleaning Airbnb by preparing the property for sanitisation. For this, you need to remove all rubbish, strip the beds and put away the towels for cleaning. The priority for sanitisation is the toilet, which is the most contaminated area that requires first-hand attention. You can apply the antibacterial spray in the bathroom and toilet to sanitise the surfaces.

After spraying the chemical, allow the sanitising chemicals to stand for 10 minutes and then wipe them down. It’s crucial to keep the chemical spray for a minimum of 10 minutes to work effectively! While waiting for the chemicals to set, you can clean the outdoor and bedroom, kitchen and living room areas.

Step 2 – Clear Dust & Cobwebs

While clearing out space for the Airbnb cleaning process, you must first give the space a quick sweep. You can sweep and mop the bedrooms, living room and kitchen. You also need to clear out any cobwebs and clean the windows of dust. Also, check the BBQ (if provided) for any mess and the level of gas left in the tank.

Apart from this, if the outside area has any space, for instance, a driveway, lawn, etc., you require cleaning the same. You can clean the driveway using a pressure wash cleaner and check the lawn pieces of furniture and the lawn area (if it requires cleaning).

Step 3 – Kitchen Appliances

The next step is cleaning the kitchen appliances and cupboards, which can be quite daunting. You need a multipurpose cleaner to wipe down the benches for the task. Next, you must wipe down the cupboards inside and out and clean the kitchen appliances.  Clear out the bins and throw the trash away.

You must also check the fridge for any leftover food items that need disposal, clean the oven, and microwave inside out! Apart from this, other kitchen appliances, including a kettle, toaster, etc., must also be cleaned. You need to check the kitchen sink, and if there is any clogging, you can use a plunger to clear the blockage or contact a plumbers Adelaide for the purpose.

In the end,  you can complete Airbnb kitchen cleaning with some good old-fashioned polishing, including polishing the door handles, power outlets, light switches, and window sills. You also need to check the dishwasher to see if any dishes need cleaning.

Step 4 – Bedrooms

While cleaning the bedrooms, the biggest concern is the dust. Therefore it is crucial to give the bedroom a good dusting after the departure of each guest. You can do this after making the beds so as not to re-dust the surfaces. To do this, you can start by making the beds with fresh linen. You can then clean the bedroom cupboards inside out.

After this, you need to shine and polish all mirrors in the bedroom, clean the outlets, light switches, etc. and clear any trash in the room. In the end, apply some room fresheners to welcome your guests to some fresh and breezy air.

Step 5 – Cleaning Living Room

During their stay, most guests spend a longer time in the living room and therefore, it requires thorough cleaning! You need to wipe all top surfaces, windows, picture frames, etc. and polish them. You then need to remove the cushions and shake out the couch for any dust. Clean the cushions and appliances around it of any trash and polish and shine the living room appliances.

You also need to check the walls for any marks and use sugar soap and a sponge (if the mark persists) to remove them. You can use them to scrub the mark off until the stain has gone. Then to finish, you can wipe sugar soap off the wall using a wet cloth. So now you have a clean and fresh Airbnb living room, ready to welcome new guests!

Step 6 – Bathrooms

The next step is cleaning the bathroom. After sanitising the bathroom, you must clear other toiletries and appliances. Clean the toilet using non-hazardous chemical cleaners. You then need to spray the mirror with glass cleaner, polish and dry them and ensure not to leave any streaks. After this, you must remove any non-essential items from the bathroom and clean the sink and taps.

You can also spray bathroom surface tiles using multipurpose sprays, scrub the surfaces and polish them dry. You also need to spray all chrome surfaces with glass cleaner and ensure they are shiny and clean. This way, you are done cleaning your Airbnb and ready for the arrival of new guests!


Cleaning your Airbnb doesn’t have to be overwhelming—with the right tools and strategies, it can be quite easy! Deep clean regularly, invest in quality supplies and create checklists so that nothing gets missed during cleaning day. These tips will help you keep your Airbnb spotless without taking up too much of your time or energy.

However, if you need professional assistance to get better cleaning results, contact experts for advice. Reach out to Sparkleen Cleaning, who has the best, most professional cleaners in North Sydney, and ask them for assistance. So do not wait any longer and clean your Airbnb in the best possible way today!