Is a Spa Day Better Alone or Together?


The immense value of spending time alone can’t be emphasized enough. You live in an era that’s technologically infused. To make it in this fast-paced world without being on your phone all of the time, plugged into the continuous stream of news updates on the multitude of social media feeds can take a serious amount of skill (if it’s possible at all). With all of that being said, making the extra effort to spend time alone, where you’re able to check in with yourself, is key.

While your partner undoubtedly lights up your world with their love and the intimacy that you share with one another, you also need to give some of that love back to yourself to maintain an overall balance in your life. So, committing to a spa trip alone could definitely be a great move. Let’s take a closer look at how you can make the most out of your solo trip to the spa.

1. Put together a special spa day playlist.

There’s nothing like getting in your car, sitting back, throwing the shades on if the sun’s out, and listening to a playlist that you’ve thrown together to specifically capture your day’s vibe. As you’re driving to the spa, you want to have the opportunity to get pleasantly lost in songs that take you right back to moments frozen in time, where you laughed, loved, and lived so in touch with the moment that you felt like you suddenly had wings on your soul.

Just make sure you don’t get too lost in those songs. While you’re at it, even if you’re a good driver you should definitely confirm that you have suitable car insurance. The last thing you need to deal with on your trip to the spa is to suffer a bodily injury that ultimately isn’t supported by collision coverage. The peace of mind that you stand to gain from confirming that you’re not an uninsured driver is essential while you’re on your path toward ultimate spa-induced relaxation. Then, you’ll be back on easy street, surfing through the vibes of your favorite jams.

2. Bring a book.

Once you’ve gotten settled in at the spa, you’ll likely find yourself with more solo time than you’re accustomed to. As long as your eyes aren’t covered by a couple of chilled cucumber slices or a cold plunge pore mask, take that time to lose yourself in the literary musings of your favorite wordsmith. Reading can serve as a wonderful form of meditation. It forces you to eventually clear your mind enough to actively follow what’s going on in the story. This translates right back to the rest of your daily life. You might even find that you have an improved active listening ability or freshly spiced up vocabulary bank after a nice reading session.

3. Wake up early and enjoy a light breakfast.

Enjoy a bowl of fresh fruit, yogurt, and toast along with a cup of tea. Be sure to drink plenty of water to start flushing out toxins. Once you’re all packed and ready to go, take a leisurely drive to your chosen spa and spa resort. Once you arrive, check in and head to your treatment room. After your treatment, relax by the pool, take a walk around the grounds, or enjoy a light lunch in the spa restaurant. If you’re up for it, pack a lunch from home so that you can enjoy a familiar meal in a blissful place.

4.Pack your favorite lunch from home.

This is meant to be your special day. You’ve already taken the necessary measures to ensure that you arrived at the spa with a pep in your step from your playlist. You’ve brought along your favorite book. Now, it’s time to make sure that you’ve packed your go-to meal. We’re talking about the meal that you’ll oftentimes have whispering sweet nothings to you in the back of your head. You know, the meal that fills your brain with feverish desire, impossible longing, and eventually makes you salivate. Well, bring that meal along for the party. If you can, opt for your favorite healthy plant-based meal to further elevate your mood. It’ll only serve to deepen the gratitude that you feel for the experience.

5. Put yourself first and have a blissful afternoon.

Go for a soothing foot bath. This will help to prepare your feet for the upcoming pedicure. Next, enjoy a refreshing facial. This will help to cleanse and refresh your skin. Finally, enjoy a relaxing massage. This will help to relieve tension and stress. Once you’re all done, take a few minutes to relax in the spa’s relaxation room. Then, be sure to take a few pictures to remember your day at the spa and get ready for the next stages.

Settle down for a soothing foot bath that will help to prepare your feet for a pedicure. Next, enjoy a refreshing facial. This will help to cleanse and refresh your skin. Finally, enjoy a relaxing massage. This will help to relieve tension and stress. Once you’re all done, take a few minutes to relax in the spa’s relaxation room. It’s time for your pedicure next. The technician will begin by trimming and filing your nails. Then, they will clean and prep your feet. Next, they will apply a soothing foot mask. Finally, they will apply your choice of polish. Be sure to take a few more minutes to lounge in the spa’s relaxation room afterwards.

With that, we’ve touched on a few reasons that your next spa visit can best be enjoyed alone. We’ve covered everything from the necessity of you having a pump-up playlist to making sure that you have auto insurance coverage from a reputable insurance company no matter how talented of a driver you are. Seriously, you never know what kind of careless driver might be out there with their head buried in their phone right before they mess around with a red light.

Above all else, it’s most important that you remember that this outing is engineered specifically for self-love. You work hard, and it’s important to treat yourself, and just yourself, every now and again. Maybe you’ll work out a system for the future where your partner joins every now and again. Or perhaps you’ll travel with each other to an exciting new spa retreat. But for now, enjoy the time with yourself.