Is Insurance Cover Worth It?


Insurance plans and products are widely available in the market. There is every kind of insurance out there – life insurance, business insurance, home insurance, car insurance, and so on. The main purpose of buying one is to protect you from potential financial loss associated with the loss or damage of certain items that are insured. For example, income protection insurance is designed to cover your family’s basic needs and expenses if you lose your job or you were injured and are no longer able to provide for your family.

With that said, is it worth buying insurance? Let’s take a closer look at what buying insurance means and how you can make the most of it.

Is Buying Insurance Cover Necessary?

The short answer is yes. Insurance can hedge against potential risks and financial losses. The flooding that affected homes and businesses in Queensland and NSW in early 2022 perfectly demonstrates why insurance cover is crucial for protection.

According to this ABC News Australia report, small business owners in Australia, particularly in the affected areas in NSW and Queensland, are in dire need of help from the government. They seek out grants and other financial support to not only get back on their feet but also to keep their businesses from shutting down for good.

Many of these affected businesses did end up closing their doors as many could not recover from the losses incurred, especially since most of these businesses were still impacted by the lockdowns due to the pandemic. It is a series of unfortunate events that have left business owners scratching their heads about how to continue suffering the blows to the economy.

Based on these circumstances, insurance cover is necessary and worth it because it can cover the losses that you would have otherwise paid out of your pocket. It acts as a buffer in uncertain events such as economic crises and natural disasters. These are events that you cannot foresee; getting the right insurance coverage is important so you don’t lose everything that you worked hard to build.

Getting the Right Coverage is the Key

Securing insurance plans for your family or business is not the end-all solution for these unexpected circumstances. You must emphasise the value of choosing the right coverage. Based on your chosen coverage, your insurance premium will be calculated accordingly. For example, Midland Insurance brokers will employ varying formulas depending on what add-on coverage you incorporate into your policy.

The idea of customising your insurance coverage is that every family or business is exposed to a unique set of risks. Choosing the specific coverage to add to your policy will enable you to hedge against those risks. Therefore, you should avoid the one-size-fits-all approach when obtaining an insurance policy. It would be best if you worked with an insurance broker as they can analyse your unique needs and risks. Based on that assessment, they can develop a more customised insurance plan that gives you peace of mind.

As Australian business owners continue to work hard to keep their doors open, other issues like inflation are emerging as a new challenge. This could mean higher insurance premiums to get an adequate amount of protection for your business or other needs. Working with a broker is a surefire way to understand the complexities of navigating your way around insurance terms and policies for the right level of protection.