4 Romantic Places To Propose In Europe That You Haven’t Heard Of


If you’ve decided to propose, then congratulations! Now that you’ve come to the conclusion of whether to propose or not, next is choosing the destination as to where to pop the question. Most people when asking that all-important question want to make it an occasion and do something which makes the event all the more memorable. This often includes travelling somewhere and making it the trip of a lifetime.

But, where do you choose when looking for a romantic destination? Europe is packed full of stunning destinations that are perfect for a romantic engagement weekend away. No matter if you’re an old-school romantic or want something a bit more unique and adventurous, let’s take a look at 6 of the most romantic destinations to propose in Europe. Top Tip For Engagements – you might want to take a wedding photographer along so you can remember your engagement in the best way possible!

The Most Romantic Places To Propose In Europe

1. Plaza de España, Seville

Seville is a beautiful place to visit, even if you aren’t getting engaged. There is plenty to see and do to fill out your days, as well as fantastic bars and restaurants to enjoy in the evenings. When it comes to proposal locations, then you should absolutely consider the Plaza de España.

This stunning plaza is surrounded by a moat and has around half a mile of tiled fountains, pavilions, ponds, lush palms and orange trees and flower beds. Be sure to visit at dusk, where a beautiful golden glow sets across the plaza, setting the perfect romantic setting for proposing. Then, afterwards, head to the Garden Cocktail Bar just a short walk away in the Jardines del Prado de San Sebastián for celebratory drinks in a beautiful setting.

2. Petrin Hill, Prague

With winding paths and a secluded rose garden, if you’re looking for a quiet and romantic spot to propose, then Petrin Hill in Prague is the perfect spot. There is a path that leads all the way to the top that provides breathtaking panoramic views across the city, with the walk taking about 30 minutes in total. If you don’t fancy a walk or your nerves get the better of you, then you can take the Funicular, which takes about 20 minutes up the side of the hill, but be warned that when the weather is good, the queues can get quite long. It’s also important to ensure you get a ticket before you queue!

Once you reach the top and get off the tram, then be sure to take a walk through the rose garden as, in the summer, there are over twelve thousand roses in bloom. This makes the perfect proposal location and it is quite easy to find a secluded spot where you can pop the question.

3. Village of Abisko, Sweden

If you and your partner love the colder weather and can think of nothing more fitting than a romantic winter proposal, then the village of Abisko in Sweden is highly recommended. Right in the heart of the Lapland region, this quaint village is amongst one of the most idyllic spots in this corner of the world. With snow-covered Alpine fields and meadows, frozen lakes and a picturesque town, Abikso offers plenty and is almost like a scene from a Christmas card.

Abisko is also the perfect place to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights thanks to the lack of pollution and city lights. Chances of seeing them are high all year round, but are greater during the winter, with stunning light displays dancing across the sky most evenings. There are plenty of romantic lodges to stay in, or cosy hotels to enjoy during your stay, as well as plenty of fun winter activities. Proposing in Abisko is sure to be the trip of a lifetime!

4. Parc Colline du Château, Nice

Offering the best views across the red-tiled rooftops of old town Nice and the glittering blue Mediterranean Sea, the Colline du Château is a must-visit location in Nice that makes the perfect romantic proposal spot. Take the 300 stairs up to the top, or if the weather is warm, get the free lift and enjoy lush green park space.

Footpaths weave in and out, through gardens and courtyards, shaded by trees and there is a large waterfall which provides a welcome cool breeze on those particularly hot Mediterranean days. Although a tourist attraction, there are plenty of spots around the park where you can find a nice secluded spot, overlooking the sea or the town of Nice, to pop the question.

Nice makes the perfect proposal location as it combines the best of both worlds in terms of a city break and a Mediterranean beach getaway. There is plenty to do, whether you’re interested in lounging by the sea in one of the exclusive beach clubs, getting the train to Monaco and seeing how the rich and famous live or including fantastic food and drink.

Now you’ve got an idea of some romantic spots around Europe to propose, it’s time to get planning and iron out the finer details – don’t forget the engagement ring!